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Teamfight Tactics will be getting a massive update very soon with patch 9.14. This will not only include the first new champion, Twisted Fate, but also a handful of quality of life changes, major features, and balance changes. Let's take a look at what some of those changes look like on the PBE.





The first champion to be introduced post-launch to Teamfight Tactics will be Twisted Fate. The Card Master is a 2-cost Pirate Sorcerer with a pretty unique ability. Pick a Card allows him to randomly choose between a Blue, Red, and Yellow card, resulting in different effects with each. As I predicted here, the blue card restores mana for himself and nearby units, the red card does splash damage around the target, and the yellow card stuns. He has a low mana pool of 50, which allows him to quickly cycle through cards with items like Seraph's Embrace. This unit should provide a significant boost of power to both Sorcerers and Pirates, since it will allow both synergies to come online much earlier than before.





With patch 9.14, ranked mode will be introduced to Teamfight Tactics. Players will finally have the chance to prove their skill by climbing through ranks. Here's the breakdown of how the system will work.
There are 9 rank tiers, going all the way from Iron IV to Challenger.
There are no promotion series in TFT. Once you reach 100 League Points, you are promoted.
Placing 1st to 4th will result in gaining League Points, while placing 5th-8th will result in losing them. First place winners gain a lot of League Points.
It is easier to move up and down and the ladder since there are no promotion series and less demotion protections.
There are restrictions in place to prevent full party lobbies. You can queue together with up to 5 friends if you are all Gold or lower. If anyone is above Platinum, you can only queue up as 3.
The current plan is to start a new season of ranked TFT every few months, with big changes every time.


  • 排位共计9个段位,从钢铁IV到挑战者。
  • 没有升降级机制,只要你达到100LP就会升级。
  • 排名1-4的玩家将会获得LP,而5-8的玩家则会损失LP。第一名的玩家将会获得大量LP。
  • 在没有升降机制度和降级保护制度的情况下,排名是很容易上上下下的。
  • 有一些组队的限制,如果段位在黄金及以下,那么你可以和5位朋友组队。如果有人超过了铂金段位,那么你就只能以3人身份排队。
  • 目前的计划是每隔几个月将开启新赛季,每个新赛季都将有很大的变化。   


A major source of frustration in the current version of the game is the amount randomness attached to item drops. While this is not completely going away, Riot has introduced a system to at least lower its impact. Every Neutral round starting from the 2nd will have a special monster that drops a guaranteed random item for everyone. This creature can also have extra buffs like being resistant to magic damage, making them harder to take down.
The 2nd round has also been changed from 2 regular minions and 1 ranged minion to 2 Gromps. Neutral Dragons are no longer immune to magic damage, giving Sorcerer teams a chance to take them down.






One of the most requested features will finally be introduced to the game with this patch: DPS Meters. Every round, players will now see a live breakdown of the damage dealt by each unit, including your opponent's. This should result in players having a much easier time making changes to their team compositions since they will be able to see which units are underperforming.
You can now drag and hold items over other items to see what they combine into without having to place them on a character. Unfortunately, to combine them you still need to equip them on a unit.
Another addition is the Win/Lose Streak information window. Next your total gold, you will find the icon of a fire. If you hover over it, it will reveal a box explaining everything you need to know about win and lose streaks.





Elise is now a 1-cost unit.
Demons now deal 100% / 200% / 300% of the amount of mana burned as damage.
Frozen Heart now slows attack speed by 25% (up from 20%).
Hextech Gunblade now heals from 33% damage done (up from 25%).
Red Buff and Morellonomicon now deal 13% of the target's max HP over 5 seconds.
Runaan's Hurricane now summons a spirit who mirrors your attacks, dealing 25% Damage.







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